Need New Office Wiring in Reading & Wernersville, PA?

Work with an established commercial electrician

E & E Electric offers a wide range of commercial electrical services in the Berks County area. We can install office wiring for a new construction site or renovate your existing wiring. We'll also add new electrical features to help your business stay competitive.

Not sure why your electrical system isn't meeting your needs? Call us for troubleshooting services.

Are you a remodeling contractor looking for a commercial electrician? Count on us to install new home or office wiring for your client. We can complete any type of service work up to 800 amps, including electrical services.

Call today to schedule home or office wiring services from E & E Electric.

Call an electrical contractor to update your property's lighting

Call an electrical contractor to update your property's lighting

Revamping your commercial lighting to a more energy-efficient system can save you money and increase reliability. A commercial electrician from E & E Electric can install all types of internal and commercial lot lighting, including:

  • LED lighting
  • Metal halide lamps
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • High-pressure sodium lamps
  • High-intensity discharge lamps

Ask us about which type of lighting will work best for your property. Call 610-780-2009 now to speak to a commercial electrician in Reading & Wernersville, PA.